Sacred Waters Fish Company

Sacred Waters Fish Company is 100% Native American-owned business based in Portland, Oregon. We honor the waters, the people, the land, and our ancestral ways through a respectful fishing, fair trade purchasing and processing of Smoked Salmon from the Columbia River. The entire process from fishing through packaging is handcrafted by Native American Tribal members. We invite you to try our traditional smoked salmon.

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100% Native American-owned business, Sacred Waters Fish Company was recently founded in September 2016. We created this to honor traditional ways of our ancestors.

Sacred Waters Fish Company is dedicated to the following:

  1. Honoring the waters, the lands and the people
  2. Introducing “Fair Trade” along the Columbia River
  3. Providing First Nations’ foods to those interested

Connecting the regions, several types of salmon travel from Columbia River to the Pacific Ocean up to Alaska and then back home. These include: Sockeye, Chinook King, Coho Silvers and Steelhead. Salmon has always been an important part of First Nations foods and culture.

From Salmon Bakes to Smoked Salmon, Sacred Waters Fish Company provides delicious opportunity to experience a deeply valued part of the Pacific Northwest culture.


We offer the following:

Plain Smoked Salmon
Not cured, no salt, no sugar. Contains bones. Refrigerate.

Smoked Salmon
Cured with light salt and brown sugar.
Contains bones. Keep in cool dark place. Refrigerate after opening.

Peppered-Honey Glazed Salmon
Cured light salt and sugar. Smoked. Contains bones. Keep in cool dark place. Refrigerate after opening.

For all products:

  • Depending on the season, we have Chinook King, Sockeye, Coho Silvers and/or SteelHead
  • We smoke with Applewood, Alderwood or Hickory.
  • We price our packages by weight. They are all different sizes from full fillets to small 4 ounce packs.



Feel free to contact us. Our full robust website is coming soon with on-line shopping capabilities! To order for now, let us know if you would like smoked salmon and we can get your order set up for pickup in Portland or shipped anywhere. (Eventually, we will have a robust website to be more helpful to you.)

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