Sacred Waters Fish Company

Native Caught & Native Smoked

Located on the Southwest Washington State Coast, we offer our smoked salmon from authentic traditions and sustainable practices. We honor the waters, the people, and the land. As a Native-owned business, we honor our ancestral ways through respectful and sustainably-harvesting of fish and wood. We are committed to promoting a Fair Trade exchange on the waters especially to Native Fisherpeople. The entire small batch production, from fishing, smoking and packaging, is handcrafted by tribal members in the Pacific Northwest Region.

We invite you to try our small batch, artisan traditional smoked salmon and other offerings.


Hugh and Paige

  • Wild Fish

    Coho - Silver
    Chinook - King

  • Native Caught

    Native American Fisher-people catch Columbia River Salmon using dip nets, hoop nets and set nets.

  • Smoking the Salmon

    Native Smoked

    Our salmon is sustainably-harvested and handled respectfully through the entire process from the catch to your table.

  • Sacred Waters Fish Company Smoked Salmon


    People of all ages enjoy our artisan smoked salmon. You can taste tradition.

Wild Fish

Native Caught

Native Smoked

Exquisitely Delicious

Lynette Jensen

I bought some smoked salmon for a friend at the Solidarity Gathering for Standing Rock. I generally don't eat fish and never liked salmon but I tried it. I was genuinely shocked that I actually liked it! Excellent!!

Linda Goertz

Had a lovely visit with the Sacred Waters Fish Co. folks this weekend at Mt. Scott Community Center. The salmon was absolutely perfect and we were also able to get some T-shirts. Thank you so much for sharing these gifts.

Suzanne Bigleow

"What a win-win!  Absolutely the best smoked sockeye salmon I’ve ever had and, all done local, with the highest intention and heartfelt respect for Pacific NW Native Tribes.  True confession: I bought enough for everyone on my holiday list … and then ate 2 fillets myself. “

Thursday Charboneu

The fish is so many different doesn't have that horrible oily taste..I have always been hesitant to buy smoked fish and this was da bomb for me..highly recommended.

Chris Anson

The best smoke salmon I've had!

It is that wonderful balance between not being too moist or too dry.

It is just right!

Tam An K Tran

This is to let you know how tasty your smoked fish is. I bought some at NAYA on Tuesday and it was soooooooooooooo DELICIOUS! I want to buy some more from you, as will ask buy one of your tshirts that support Standing Rock Sioux Tribe and I understand one of your representatives/sellers will be at NAYA today.

At Local Events

At local events, several people have tried a sample and said "Wow! I never liked smoked salmon but I like Yours!" A mother even said "She never likes smoked salmon!" as her young daughter asked for more. 

Zachary Pries

Nice one!!! I want more!!! You smoke it right. So yummy! Good job you guys!

Gary Drais

I've eaten a lot of fish in 60+ years -- None ever as Good as this. 

Wahneta L

Love Sacred Waters Fish Company!! Bought several t-shirts the last time I saw them ♥

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