Columbia River
Pacific Northwest


As a local Native American-owned small business, Sacred Waters Fish Company was founded in September 2016. As people and as a company, we are committed to sustainability that supports people, the earth and a healthy economy for all. This business started with a gift of Salmon to Hugh. That gift allowed for the idea of Sacred Waters Fish Company to happen and help others along the way. Through our work, we honor traditional ways of our ancestors.

Sacred Waters Fish Company is dedicated to:
• Honoring the salmon, the waters, the lands and the peoples

• Introducing “Fair Trade” along the Columbia River

• Providing First Nations’ foods to those interested!

Connecting the regions, several types of salmon travel from Columbia River to the Pacific Ocean up to Alaska and then back home. These include: Sockeye, Chinook King, Coho Silvers and Steelhead. Salmon has always been an important part of First Nations foods and culture.

From Salmon Bakes to Smoked Salmon, Sacred Waters Fish Company provides delicious opportunity to experience a deeply valued part of the Pacific Northwest culture. We are honored to share our smoked salmon with you, your family and friends. 

Feel free to contact us anytime.

Be Well.


Hugh Amaguq Ahnatook

Founder and CEO
Originally from Point Barrow, Alaska, I grew up in the Portland/Salem area and began fishing, building and carving at a young age following traditions of my native people, Inupiaq. I remember being a child in the Alaskan Native fishing camps. Learning from many people, I am a Native traditional fisherman, wood carver, teacher of traditional ways of living and healing, builder, mechanic and handyman. I am honored to share the gift of salmon and the taste that my people have known for generations.
Paige Coleman

Paige Sutherland Coleman

Originally from Massachusetts, Paige has lived on the West Coast of the United States since the early 1990s. She has a background of sustainable community and economic development working to strengthen families and communities. She has an MBA in Sustainable Business that helps translate our values into company practices. She and Hugh live in Bay Center, WA with their small farm and forest and lots of domestic and wild animals.
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